XorGramana is a maze based logical puzzle game where you must escape each maze by arranging letters to form pre-defined words. XorGramana is based upon the game Xor which appeared in the early 1990's on 8bit home computers. XorGramana implements a version of Xor too.

Sorry, but XorGramana is in English only. A lot of work which is currently beyond my scope would need to be done to allow the game to play in other languages. New letter icons, completely new map designs for XorGramana, and then plenty of code modification to handle it all.


XorGramana-0.0.8 released! - Wednesday 1st April 2009

Check the CHANGES for the complete list of what's new to XorGramana-0.0.8 since the 0.0.7 release.

The map display is now working in this new release. Two new levels have been created, and several new wall, floor, and edge textures have been created. Numerous fixes...

Previous releases and other material regarding XorGramana, can be found by perusing through the journal on jwm-art.net, or by using the keywords facility.

Latest Version

The latest version available is XorGramana-0.0.8.tar.bz2.


The reference manual for the game will tell you all you need to know about playing XorGramana. It is recommended to give it a quick read before playing - atleast so you know the information is there if you ever need it (very likely).

The reference manual also includes screen shots and instructions on how to build the game from source (the only way you'll play it) on GNU/Linux platforms. No other platforms are supported at this stage, but maybe in the future.