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"(invisibility) boxyseq_grasshopper.*g"

Sad feelings at work eased by creativity with Boxyseq.
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Wednesday 4th August 2010

(you're invisible pushing a broom around)


events have 3 stages:

so called note-on:     the first occurrence of event
so called note-off:    the end of the note
so called release:     the release stage of event

the box is coloured bright-green between note-on and note-off
it switches to a darker green during the release phase.

some events are a different colour, cyan-ish, these are block events,
the block events just appear but do not emit MIDI message.

((((((( http://github.com/jwm-art-net/BoxySeq *))))))))

* the GUI only shows whats happening, a user cannot change anything.

work sucks.

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# bjørn on 20:24 Tuesday 24 September 2013:

nice, reminds of brothomstates or other warped stuff

# James Morris on 03:46 Tuesday 6 October 2015:

Thanks - better late than never! Not that it's likely you'll read this. Super long stretched out conversation. Listening to Brothomstates - Mdrmx, on !yt, quite like...

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