Box and Lock, Design and Concept (Preliminary 1)


"Box and Lock, Design and Concept (Preliminary 1)"

Initial preliminary designs and concept for mounting frame to wall.
Pen, Pencil, Sketchbook
April 2007

These are the initial preliminary designs for a 'box' and 'lock' system for the drawing board project.

The box is mounted to the wall, and the lock is fixed to the frame (on which the drawing board is attached). The construction allows the drawing board to be attached and detached from the wall.

It was soon realised this design is fundamentally flawed. The lock rests upon the box. The points of contact between the lock and the box are minimal. As is shown in the sketch notes, the lock is also very fragile.

Otherwise, the basic concept is in place. It allows the frame to be attached to the wall by way of a small upwards movement followed by a push to the wall. The lock is designed so the frame will then drop down into the secured position - it will not fall down away from the wall. To remove the frame, the board has to be lifted and pulled out.

Space between the lock and the sides of the box is provided so precision alignment is unnecessary, aswell as allowing for imperfections in the frame construction.

At the top of the page is a rough technical plan of the lock. The idea for the clamps, for clamping the lock plate to prevent sideways wobble, are taken from my designs for brackets, from the Large Paper Stretching How To.

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