Diary of a Monster

The illustrated theory of the intuitive symbol language.

Intuitive symbols generated from the mundane. The sublimated mundane.


Diary of a Monster #1
intuitive symbol language example 1 (begin)

The 'Diary of a Monster' exists to show you what I'm talking about without using letters or words.

It is an intuitive symbol language. A language of symbols derived from ideas of archetypal symbols, forms of symbol, shape and line of symbols. These ideas of symbols derived from ancient cultures, any culture or subculture which has a more decorative shape-based form of writing (script).


Diary of a Monster #2
intuitive symbol language example 2 (quickfast)

The intuitive symbol language is derived from these ideas. It interfaces with the mundane, the experience of mundane life, the ordinary consciousness.

My ordinary day-to-day consciousness harnessed to instinctually, intuitively, drive the shape and form, and perhaps also meaning of the generated symbols.


Diary of a Monster #3
intuitive symbol language example 3 (strain)

It appears at the time of creation, and for an undefined period after, that the symbols are so ordinary, so concentrated in the apparent randomness of their generation of visual form, that it is completely possible they could not be anything other than meaningless.


Diary of a Monster #4
intuitive symbol language example 4 (merging)

However, at a later date, after an undefined period of time, mood and preoccupations, and day to day life, undergo change such that the symbols suddenly appear meaningful.

Unfortunately, the meaning comprehended, when it comes to verbalising, rationalising, understanding, seems too vague to comprehend.


These drawings are something I have done for some years now. They are a concentrated but minimal visual artform, like a drawing or painting might be. They are atleast more this than actual standardized written language.


Diary of a Monster #5
intuitive symbol language example 5 (regressing)

So I am trying then to create a never to be standardized language. Almost every aspect of it is at the mercy of the background chatter of the individual consciousness at that point in time and space. It could be considered to be directions of some description to the description of an individual consciousness experiencing the occupation of using (and while simultaneously creating) an intuitive symbol based language.



Diary of a Monster #6
intuitive symbol language example 6 (acceptance)

With a language whose visual form is entirely dependant on the moment of its creation and development - (these intertwine with usage, are its usage) - the realised expression, it also follows that its meaning is also a function of the unpredictable circumstances within which a consciousness attempts to interpret it, to recieve the transmission.

It seems impossible to say with any certainty if there is any correlation of meaning. That is, if it is possible mutually shared meaning actually exists at different points in time and space.


Diary of a Monster #7
intuitive symbol language example 7 (no no no)

Or, could this merely be a generic self justifying catch-all failsafe guard against artistic failure, where every failure of the artist is sublimated into meaning?


I found it tempting to say this is a purely visual language, but this is false. Music and sound are both equally suited to this language. Today while at work, smoking next to a tree, I noticed the bark on the tree's trunk. It was, in the light of what is said here, telling me something, a message. Life expressing itself. Life as the expression of life.


Diary of a Monster #8
intuitive symbol language example 8 (failure/after thought)

It could be said that this is a non-verbal language, but that would be my bias as I have focused mostly on it's visual form, and electronically composed musical form. Of course we could all go about spouting gibberish non-words, sounds containing fragments of words, as if insane. There is no reason the language could not be developed like this.


Diary of a Monster (#9)
intuitive symbol language example 9 (sucess/after thought)

In order for the language to not be merely meaningless nonsense, gibberish, there must be development of it. Each expression of the language is a development, and expansion of what has gone before. It is a development based language in which the primary focus is on the language itself, and the development of its capabilities for expression.

The intuitive symbol language is personal to the author using it. As long as the author gains hints of even the vaguest meaning (probably afterward), and develops to strengthen these hints, then the language should not be considered to be meaningless gibberish.


"Diary of a Monster"

intuitive symbol language and theory

The illustrated theory of the intuitive symbol language.

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