Alan Sondheims "uncanny tour-de-force concentrated on the history of
post-classical music in the past century" {

Latest and last bastardization{
  ie_ai.mp3 ->  (1.5 megabytes)
  ie_ai.wc  -> (41 kilobytes)

Previous and first bastardization{
  ai_ahuh.mp3 ->  (2.9 megabytes)
  ai_ahuh.wc  -> (19 kilobytes)


Download:  ie_ai.mp3

Download:  ie_ai.wc



Fragmented remix of ai.mp3 by Alan Sondheim
Audio, MPEG 1.0 layer III, VBR, 44100 Hz joint-stereo.
3:12, 2.9 mb
May 24th 2006

Uses wcnt - Wav Composer Not Toilet to fragment and re-arrange a recording of a 1960s 12-chord Oscar Schmidt autoharp played by The recording has since been removed from his website. This is a serious bastardization of the recording.

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