Here, you say, shall I go now? Might n't I be afraid of you too? Shall we say then, however, that you could? Be what may, come again, yes it shall, make it slow.

Gordon Bennet

Is she there yet? No. Wait a minute. Go. Quick. Yes. Hello. Help. Goodbye. Hello. Shall we go and see? Take a look/see? Seen the scene a million miles away, I've seen it all have I. Then one day, come what may, June, August and July.

Pink Liquid.

Last night I was somewhere in a dream. All I can remember was at one point being in a garden with lots of rabbits about. Then later I was with a doctor in a room, actually it might have been some sort of interview, maybe even a job interview.

So there I was in the room with the doctor, and some other officious gentlemen seated at a large, low, wide, desk. They were not entirely happy with my attitude towards their proposals, whatever they may have been I can't remember. So the sollution as they saw it, was to inject me with some stuff of what I cannot tell.

Hence the presence of the doctor. He had a large syringe, and pulled up into it out of a brown bottle whose contents as already stated were unknown to me, a brightly pink coloured liquid. Straight into my lip went the needle, it was uncomfortable, he pushed it in a long way, further than is physically possible, atleast two inches into my lip so the needle if outside a dream would have gone right through and out under my chin, but being a dream nothing of the sort happened.

All the bright pink liquid, probably a shot-glass in volume, went into my lip and I awoke. And for the second day running I got up somewhere between 4:30am and 5am.



Ramblings to fill empty journal space.

Journal entry - 00:16 Friday 22 June 2007

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