Time Machines

I lay in bed after waking from the dream where a bright pink liquid was injected into my lip.

It was sunny, light poured into my room from behind the extremes of the curtains. Birds were singing. It was between 4:30 and 5am.

And I felt wide awake, able to get up right away without staying in bed for just a few more minutes.

So awake that I did not have to worry that staying in bed would cause me to fall back into sleep again. I lay there thinking about people going to work, the same time all year. Ignoring the seasons, ignoring the sun, ignoring when night ended and dawn came and the birds sung.

What bulls##t it is that clocks are put back and put forward. How silly infact! Let us just get up at dawn: no adjustment needed! No lost hours! Oh! What silly people we are!

And having finished reading Steppenwolf the previous evening, I decided I would always get up at sunrise, my alarm clock would continue to be turned off, I would never have a job where the time cycles of nature would be superceded by clockwork, by shift patterns, by business interests.


"Time Machines"

Another journal entry to fill up space.

Journal entry - 00:31 Friday 22 June 2007

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Dream on.

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