40 Explorational Mandelbrot Eye Candy Images

[img:Mandelbrot Set Image 01]

I have wanted to create a gallery for Mandelbrot images for quite some time now. I have finally got around to it, and finally got used to the idea and what people might think about it.

Mandelbrot Exploration is a gallery of 40 Mandelbrot images, exploring exploration of the Mandelbrot Set.

Broadband users should follow the link to Mandelbrot Exploration where the images are presented in the high quality PNG image file format at a 900 x 650 pixel size.

[img:Mandelbrot Set Image 20]

Dial-Up users should follow the link to where the images are scaled down to 788 x 568 pixels and are presented in the lesser quality but far smaller JPEG image file format.

Thankyou for listening.


"40 Explorational Mandelbrot Eye Candy Images"

About the new Mandelbrot Image Gallery

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