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The night before last I uploaded the code I'd been working on since Monday. It was code to allow people to post comments onto the pages on this website. I was quite pleased with it.

So pleased I wrote Web 1.2 and a Half which is half tongue in cheek mockery of "Web 2.0" and half serious comment on ... stuff.

So I sent email to mail list and then went2 bed & promptly no sleep & worry 'bout DOS attax using comment form & get bak up out bed online and disable commentz.

 x cept eye dont dsabul cmntz an sumwun poss comnts an i uhhhhh re-en-able-them. becuz like DOS attax don't like need a form to work, they work without it. and all the text entered into the form stays as that:text so that html will appear as that:text (not activated HTML) so no XSS attax posse-bul 'ere m8, coool.


so there you go. now i'm looking at using cookies and sessions with PHP. Because,because i need to manage the comments some how and the file permissions don't allow me to edit them when logged in i need to edit them as user:www-data and only one way for that to happen thus cookie sesh rechoired.

btW::::> i hope i'm really irritating all you grammar pedants.


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Journal entry - 00:23 Friday 5 October 2007

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# james jwm-art net on 00:28 Friday 5 October 2007:

ahhhh, but input for website field is not checked is it you fool, might that do it maybe????

# james jwm-art net on 18:12 Friday 5 October 2007:

So things to do: check for http:// in website field input - and add it if missing.

The tough thing is to create a way for me to be able to edit the comments (ie delete them), or for me to add comments without using the comment form (this will allow my comments to differ slightly to normal user comments) - this requires me to login to a comment admin system of some description.

And I will be the only person able to login into it. When I create it... eventually.

In the meantime, I've some minor updates to make to the existing comment code.

Also, the journal could indicate if each entry has comments or not...ie link "add comment" when entry has no comments, otherwise link "view comments"... which would take you to the individual entry page (currently do this by clicking entry title when in journal).

# james jwm-art net on 18:18 Friday 5 October 2007:

The comment admin system should:

* allow selection of page containing the comments to be edited

* allow sorting of the comments by IP address or date etc

* allow deletion of comments by IP address / email address - optionally combined with date perhaps

* anything else to make life easier.

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