wcnt-1.26.1 Released!!



(source code only)

First release of wcnt-1.26 after the pre releases...


    * trig_counter (module)
      outputs n triggers when it's input triggers. can ignore n triggers
      before doing so. stops outputing when n triggers counted, or can
      wrap around so out_count output wraps also. out_count + out_trig
      can be used much like the timer's out_count + out_trig or the
      time_maps out_bar + out_bar_trig for triggering exit or file
      writing, but more besides...

    * trig_echo (module)
      a module to echo triggers. it's out_count output is the number
      of times this particular echoed trigger will trigger until
      fade out. out_velocity outputs out_count as a value between
      0 ~ 1.

    * trig_router (module)
      a module which creates n wcnt_trigger modules and groups them
      into a group named as it's username. it connects to an out_trig
      and out_count outputs to decide which of the wcnt_trigger modules
      it created should be triggered. hint: rudimentry polyphony.

    * group_control (module)
      this module has a single parameter: group_name where the name
      of a group to be controlled is specified. it also has two
      inputs, in_play_trig and in_stop_trig. basically, this module
      steals all the group modules from the main module list so it
      can control when they are processed. hint: rudimentry polyphony.

    * sample_climb (module)
      works like a sample_hold module in reverse: it grabs a sample
      when triggered, and uses it as a target to climb/descend to.
      output = output + (target - output) * rate (like square_wave).

    * inspector (module)
      an nicely arkward to use module for displaying the values of
      various outputs when triggered. more for me than anyone else.

wcnt now has over 80 modules...(81 to be precise)

    * wavfile_out (module)
      now has snapshot_mode parameter. adds the date and time (down
      to the millisecond) to the filename being written. via the
      trig_counter module it can now be used (provided snapshot_mode
      is on) -( very much like the serial_wavfile_out module )- to
      output a sequential series of WAVs.

    * square_wave (module)
      the square_wave can now introduce some curves into the harsh
      square flip-flop digital waveform.
      uses a simple output += (target - output) * rate method. lacks
      frequency scaling though, which could be a good thing or not.

    * user_wave (module)
      vertices which (via modulation) collide with previous vertices
      will be dropped from the waveform - as opposed to causing
      nasty peaks(previous version). makes an interesting twanging

    * many things which should not make any difference to the user,
      except maybe a marginal speed increase in some situations.


    * tested it as much i can by myself and without any strict
      regime. i will have missed something...

    * documentation is very much out of date now, sorry. the only
      thing I can offer right now is the occasional comment in the
      examples, and tests (directories of .wc files bundled with
      source code).



(source code only)


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"wcnt-1.26.1 Released!!"

news of the latest release of wav composer not toilet

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