More wcnt releases...

Get wcnt-1.26.4 source code here

Not much 'art' being made here lately. I seem unable to stop working on my program, wcnt. In the past I would have usually got sick of programming by now, and would have been satisfied with what I had done, but this time seems different.

I miss making art to be honest. I've been drawing, or doodling, but have not actually made time for visual art. It's not unusual for me to put aside one of my activities in favour of another. In the past I've stopped programming to make paintings, or stopped painting to make computer music, or stopped music making to draw or design my website etc. So it's normal for me, but this seems to be the longest stint I've spent programming and put aside visual art making.

With my program being an audio application I am still however experimenting with sound, albeit in the context of program development.

I don't know how much longer I will continue programming before laying it down for a while to work on visual art, but am sure that this will happen.

Anyway, on with the show:



some minor adjustments to features and a bug fixed:

    * param_editor
      aswell as editing parameters to completely new values
      (as it always has done) it can now add, subtract, divide
      or multiply existing values (for numeric parameters only).

    * LADSPA_PATH environment variable
      only needs to be set if LADSPA plugins are not installed
      in the path "/usr/local/lib/ladspa/:/usr/lib/ladspa/".

    * fixed logic of numeric parameters range checking code.

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Get wcnt-1.26.4 source code here

So the param_editor is slightly more useful now. Sometimes a module will copied a number of times. The param_editor is used to modify the parameters of the copied modules.

// example:
    in_freq_mod1 off
    freq 100
    freq_mod1_size 1.0

// make duplicates:
copier cp1 from c1 to c2 cp1
copier cp2 from c1 to c3 cp2
copier cp3 from c1 to c4 cp3
copier cp4 from c1 to c5 cp4

// make variations within duplicates:
        edit c2 freq + 1
        edit c3 freq + 2
        edit c4 freq + 3
        edit c5 freq + 4

// ok, so we've now five clock modules whose
// frequency ranges from 100 hrtz to 104 hrtz.
// we could decide that we wish to change to
// the range 200 hrtz to 204 hrtz, which is now
// simple: only the original module's freq parameter
// requires editing - the param_editor's edits are
// relative so they can be left alone now.

Get wcnt-1.26.4 source code here


"More wcnt releases..."

Another Wav Composer Not Toilet release.

Journal entry - 23:27 Tuesday 19 February 2008

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