Ingressed Pointilism, Regrinding the flour toll, Cohesive Leg Draft


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Ingressed Pointilism


Listen to the flogging of clanging sprockets dropping slowly in a vacuum. Adjust your shoe buckle if necessary, while the interim is upon your onion skin. Collect dead leaves from around the pool of still water topped with pond weed and algae.

Pretend your age is more or less than what it is but make sure you don't fool others. Do not kill any other living being including plants and insects. Live only on water and air but make sure you do not kill any other living being including algae and plankton.

Stop raining down a storm on the back of the plight of the hamster. Reduce carbon copied permissiveness. Take a log from a sawn oak tree to your mother once in a purple moon, spruced up and dapper. Take a cup of mud to the dentist and claim it came from your teeth but fell out of your ear.

Do all these things and do them with any degree of appropriateness deserving of the plenitude of forgiven thunderbugs*.



*As in a thrifty day for gas collection.






Regrinding the flour toll


Capital tax pains colliding with repair work for autistic soilders of fortune.

Preparing for the long summer with questions not for ventriloquists nor their dummies. Scratching about kicking up a slurry of frog spawn.

Addititive synthetic clicking prompted empty noises from a far away land. A quick response is required.

Work the land well into the ground peppercorn on the doorstep ping stone down the corridor of powdered skimmed milk king of the dreamers wilderness*.

Crumbling cloud masses fixated on stealth manouvers and the verses of nano bot hive mind poetry. Fungicide hides undulating adultery rapidly outgrowing kilowatt generation excavation of testicles and gas vent flanges.

The long whole line into the galaxy hanging pendulously amongst the glimpses of obscured cinematically fleeting imaginings dropping like leaden weights into thick opalescent gravy.

Creative arrangements of words amongst space characters



*Distance-wise, there is cause for concern here.







seamlessly sewing strips of cotton backed frappe. Quilted finger skin protruding from evergreens. Skipping trance track.

The difficulty drift causes clopping effects to ring past the tantrum haulage rosette hanging on the moustache of quantum rinse mechanics.

Help me I don't know what my application could behind recession reversable continuum retalliative purple lexicon. Help me help the tumbling tradesman keep smart watches in the public interest of torpedo freight giddying lemur tank.

Flumuxed by your sense of ingratitude I speak to you directly you you you flumuxed buy your purchase of skimmed clique bowtie curdles and net curtain overlaid upon the chest freezer with, hideously growing within it, a temporary niche of infinite filament.

Control of the lifted fracture twerp cancellation negates evaporation and wicks contested quarter wench praxis.

Praxis Praxis Praxis shifted by taxis he's forgotten to pack his tax disc but wracks his mind when he's inclined to define a fact he's behind in a way his minds on an axis of decline*.



*Never let cattle grids spontaineously criticise the demographics of dermatological hydraulics.






Cohesive Leg Draft


Wrack mounted rip lunch hut redressing stamped out ocre velvet perfume. Concked in hushing fumble dick clamped hover mower. Matte dashed fever speckled vision reaching inter-calamity tissue root beer. Windy hair escarpment flip grapples vacuum-packed hideousness in elevations of vindictive rubble strewn overcoats.

Tripped up tropes tangled in ivy, hawthorne, and wild indecision creep eventually asunder. Reactions hampered by truffles in orbit around merriment organize flatulent haggling lipid vanishings.

Desperately cutting old rope into granny knot wonderment.

Unguidedly hewn together frommage causes a commotion only lessened by elatedly fractured pathogenic lotion ingested with patient devotion to smouldering rogue log velocity credit*.


James W. Morris

May 2015


*Benefits befitting befuddlement.





"Ingressed Pointilism, Regrinding the flour toll, Cohesive Leg Draft"

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