Coin Side Fence











Coin side fence


A random collection of words clatters around making the noise of fingers tapping keys on the keyboard. Yawn. Data. Yawn. Datum occur. Transmits yawn. God I'm so boring. It's why I have no friends, because I'd rather be boring and master technical things so I can have other friends besides the ones I used to have. But I'm no master of technical friends, it's why I have no boring either.

I don't know that my brain will produce enough words tonight to fill out this block. It must deliver something. I need it to deliver more interesting words if I want people to read this. Seriously. Oh what do I care? I'm just trying to make something that looks interesting to read.

Clearly I fail on that count. Perhaps some mumbo jumbo: Wiggling reams of transfer agility, I lather the pillow beneath my telephone directory, hoping I can flinch against the mash potato. The crutch of mumbo jumbo cannot help tonight.

<code>How about some code?</code> Noffle cough the toad. I don't care for code no more. Oh this is really tough. I need enough paragraphs of text to get this block that looks like a page to take on portrait orientation, and there's a long way to go to reach that goal yet.

Still, I have not consulted the dictionary to remind myself of words which are not falling into my immediate vocabulary - but now I have extended my immediate lexicon - see. I am not a fan of the word vernacular. It is a very unappealing word which leaves a bad taste in the mouth, almost distressingly so. Perhaps one could say of those who use it with regularity that these people are not to be trusted. They who speak of the vernacular.

I hope my ignorance is not painfully obvious. I'm not sure about those who are normative either. Perhaps the taste left in one's mouth after dealing with normative people is even more unpleasant than those who scorn those who speak in the vernacular always. My advice is to never be normative nor scorn those who speak in the vernacular.

Luckily for you my brain has almost delivered enough material for the collected words to arrange themselves before you in a portrait orientation. Lucky for me even as I'm starting to bore myself as well as you.

Just this one last paragraph should do it - I better make it a really good paragraph full of ingeneous word arrangements to bedazzle your mind with my extensive lexicon; I'm going to abandon the vernacular all together for this, it's going to be really fabulous, I can't wait.













"Coin Side Fence"

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