2016: Almost zero attempts to produce anything artistic. Zero substantial coding efforts. Reduced entries to the journal. Cycling goal of 5000 miles for the year missed by 300 miles. Failed personal challenge to enter one or more mountain bike cross country races each month. Failed to even get to two of the races I paid to enter! Fell sick with the trots on my first trip mountain biking around Les Arcs in the Alps left me unable to ride for over half the week. Failed to complete the Brighton Big Dog six hour solo cross country mountain bike race and bailed out just before four hours was up (then was vomitting about an hour later). Combination of mountain biking and upper bodyweight exercises near end of year result in minor case of cubital tunnel syndrome (pinched ulnar nerve where it runs through elbow).

On the positive side: at the end of the year my partner and I welcomed our baby boy into the world.



Failures and successes of 2016

Journal entry - 15:36 Wednesday 11 January 2017

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