Plinky Plonka (Augmented Summer Sequence)


"Plinky Plonka (Augmented Summer Sequence)"

Happy-go-lucky plinky-plonky summer sequence by Boxyseq
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1:38 mm:ss
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Tuesday 6th July 2010 link)

went for a cycle in the kent countryside on the weekend, a summers
day, glorious blue sky, white fluffy clouds, golden wheat fields,
green trees, maybe something in this audio sequence captures something
 of that. maybe not. or maybe the walnut tree at the bottom of our
garden looking out into the meadows and the stour valley.

or maybe it just captures the audio emitting from yoshimi being
sequenced by my under-development pre-alpha software MIDI sequencer
come arpegiattor - boxyseq.

work on sequencing notes within a particular scale is underway, this
piece is 'augmented' but no key was specified so it's probably in the
key of c.

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