Porter's Rubbish Run

porter commencing with evening rubbish run, circa 1900 hrs this friday

&Loc="a mental health hospital"

&Recorder="zoom h4 - handy recorder"

digital audio recorded with mic modelling (of which mic porter can't
remember) and compression (which porter had forgotten was on).

this="two of the more sucessful recordings porter made so far."

porter was bored, had been "planning" this recording for some days, some
hours during the day, but must wait until most staff had gone home. porter
had eased out of feeling like s##t earlier that day upon getting up late and
rushing to work to start shift at midday. porter was as always eager to get
home away from that ____ing place.

no effects were applied post-recording. recorded as is bar mp3-fication.
natural reverb in first part: location of: stair well.

in parts recording suffers from either the mic modelling or compression.
porter suspects compression is causing tape-like distortion like
thing:(tape_like_thing=like("dent in pinch-roller ")).

h4 on floor around corner @ bottom of stairwell
mic_setting=high sensitivity

h4 on lift floor
mic_setting=low sensitivity

--download-file=http://www.jwm-art.net/art/audio/porters_rubbish_run.mp3(dead link)



"Porter's Rubbish Run"

Recording made while at a Mental Health Hospital working as a Porter.

release date: Saturday 5th January 2008

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