Recently I've been

----{ audio track #1 ::: SRUCKYPOK

uses midi files created by David Steinberg of link)
sounds created in zynaddsubfx by yours truly
1 midi file (aehe.mid) imported into qtractor
from link) link)

----{ audio track #2 ::: DOING THE TINS / THIS CONVERSATION

uses the sound of hospital dinner boxes (empty) and boxes of
tins(used+washeded) offloaded from 'food van' to kitchen
+ slyly recorded conversation about a program to assist with
(psychological?) analysis of conversation. fx + harshness. link)

----{ audio track #3 ::: HEXAGON

qtractor sequencing zynaddsubfx and glitching the sequence
recorded into ardour2 and subjected to an overabundance of effects
processing + another noise/sequence. link)

----{ image #1 ::: CHRURALPLACHV2

a number of 640x480 photographs taken using mobile phone of various
places featuring heavily in my life. photographs manually stitched
together in gimp and filtered/fx. link)

----{ end note #1 ::: MESSAGE END NOTE

(my room(sitting @ my computer)) < frequently


"Recently I've been"

Three assorted audio tracks and a digital image.
MP3 audio * 3, digital image, text.
Thursday 17th July 2008 (uploaded).

I'm not especially pleased with how sruckypok turned out. doing_the_tins__this_conversation is quite loud and noisy. With it, I was trying to contrast what I did in my then job, and my interests outside of that job. Hexagon is, I am more than tempted to say, awful. The image uses many views which could be seen from the Porter's tea room at the hospital where I was an 'agency' working as a porter.

You might like hexagon, if you like things verging on extreme, noisy and head-splitting. You might also like sruckypok, which is almost to begin with, the opposite. It just starts off as a bit of a wet fart, but maybe you've got to see through that. It ends up stronger.

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