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a day to be jealous of

woke up at 3am with bastard toothe ache. this won't do, i really
must go to dentist now. drank fizzy water two solluble aspirin or

slept until 1035am and stayed in bed for further time.

avoided work by paying a visit to the dentist.
emergency appointment, 10 minutes, forty pounds sterling.

felt like i was conned.

got home, phoned work but they had me covered so i decide
i will go for a ride on my bike, despite having a cold which
had become a bit chesty over the past few days.

decided also, that i would wear shorts as the weather was not
too cold today. so i wore shorts.

i went to the dentist and came home, got on my bike, and by
Plucks Gutter bridge, a college girl flashed her bum at me as I
rode past. There is no college there, just they seem to like to use that
spot for canooing. The other girls looked aghast or laughed so I gave
them a silly grinning face, without pausing on
my now merry cycle ride.

i rode along some farm tracks. across a railway line. a tracter
with crop sprayer blocked my path so i rode in the field over the
young wheat that grew there.

i my target spot for today was an area i saw on TV, the local news
last night. i drove past it on the way to the dentist. it is the
site of some kind of eco bubble s##t or something, a green greenhouse,
friendly to the environment or something, a bubble blocking out the
environment or something. i don't know anything about it. in the car i
saw some canterbury archeological society
vans. the news said there was some dirty old skeleton burried there.

so i easy climb the hill along road to roundabout and it pisses it
down with rain. my cold had been trying to enter my head and i had said
come on in, and now my head was wet and so i decided to abandon target
location and head home quick way along road rather than commit the awful
sin of direct route offroad backtrace.

it rained all the way home.

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An MP3 from my "MTB_ZEN" project with pad sounds which could be nice or could be nasty.

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release date: Wednesday 26th March 2008

Part of the Mountain Bike Zen and the New Media Mechanics of Art project I created for my own entertainment.

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