James W. Morris

Was born around the mid seventies, growing up in rural Kent, England. Graduated from the University of Sunderland with a 2.1 Fine Art Degree just after the turn of the century. Before that, studied a BTEC National Diploma Computer Studies at Canterbury College.


jwm-art.net first appeared online in 2003, with a single gallery of ten or so paintings and drawings. In the Autumn of 2005 after much procrastinating, I decided it was time to create a more dynamic site, and plunged into PHP to handle the HTML page layout, and also incorporated Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

In January 2007, I began the third version of jwm-art.net - a complete redesign both visually and functionally. Although in continuing to use my own PHP code combined with simple text files I've put off learning a database language such as MySQL, the site has I think become more sophisticated.

Around December 2008 I began to look at my PHP code again. Having used it for almost two years I was well aware of it's limitations. During that period I had bolted on additional functionality and the time seemed write for a complete rewrite. The result you see before you. It is not a lot different from the previous version to look at. Some of the code is faster and allows greater flexibility in specifying content for a page, but my intentions to create a generic content management system were over ambitious for me at this point.

Source Code Licensing Information

All of my programming, unless otherwise stated, is licensed using the GNU GPL. The code may be freely copied, modified and re-distributed provided the GNU GPL licensing conditions are not removed so as to disallow such freedoms.

If you feel so inclined, use the HTML and CSS layout as you wish - it's unlikely you'd copy it vertabim. There's not much chance of you getting your hands on the PHP code used to generate it - and anyway, there's better sollutions freely available, right?

Artwork Licensing Information

Artwork, that is digital images of paintings, drawings, photography, and digital images themselves, including the jwm-art.net website graphics, are licensed in the following manner:

1) If the work is unmodified, it must be clearly expressed I am the author of the work. If the work is modified then my authorship of the original work - that which the new work is based upon - must also be clearly expressed.

2) If the work is modified to such a degree as to be completely unrecognisable, thus constituting a new work, then clear expression of my authorship of the original work is left to your discretion.

3) Commercial use of my work is now encouraged, provided when, and only when, either of the above conditions are fully satisified. In such situations, donations of support from the commercial entity involved would be greatly appreciated.



About James W. Morris, jwm-art.net and Copyright/Copyleft

About James W. Morris, jwm-art.net, artwork and code licensing conditions.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions and attitudes of James W. Morris as expressed here in the past may or may not accurately reflect the opinions and attitudes of James W. Morris at present, moreover, they may never have.

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