(Misc ? Various : ptII);

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You hear?

reference=Might break your head right so
then we can right Might break
year fresh tulip bulb___________ (sf_open
soup cranberry .. /            ....////      >>>
source ................ |
property ...............|

This is bold text demonstray light shining on your shins, on the skin of your shins...

ALso we can find referentially, roughly speaking, also there are some instances, referentially speaking, also roughly understood to be, random technique, under-standing of meaning, over stating of gleaning, cooperation of operation operative operators, clandestine clamouring, regulatory regurgitation of restrictions,

restructuring of restrictive regurgitative despondence desposing of despotism and displacing with democracy and detracting from individual autonomy and realing in revelations of relativity and scale and scalding scones scan discrete secretion of sanctimonious selective sectioning.

RATE: h1 * relative section understood;<Bee Arrgh>
Rant: << code knock off effective socket rudimentary rollicking (******)
((((                          :offset selected sovereign
((((                          :anticipating precipitation
((((                          :calamity construction
((((______________________________ tracking

Tracking terraforming tricycle text staving terror forming teletropic helix front:::/


"(Misc ? Various : ptII);"


Journal entry - 22:40 Friday 4 April 2008

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