XorGramana New Release: 0.0.7

Wednesday 25th March 2009


    * Graphic enhancements such as wall edging, and
      new floor and wall textures (depending upon
      level being played).

    * A few new levels ranging from easy(ish) to more
      difficult. Some levels re-arranged.

    * Object behaviour for objects corresponding
      with those from Xor is identical (touch wood).

    * You can now play all 15 Xor levels in XorGramana
      (Press 'x' in menu screen to access them).

    * Menu system now working properly.

    * New XorGramana interweb home page and help reference.

XorGramana Home Page:

Direct Download:

XorGramana is a game by jwm-art.net based upon Xor (an 8bit game circa
1990). It's a logic puzzle word game set inside a series of mazes.
It's released under the GNU GPL (even though I've forgotten to include
a copy of the GPL in the archive) and will run on GNU/Linux systems with
the SDL development packages installed.



"XorGramana New Release: 0.0.7"

New release and website for XorGramana

Journal entry - 17:27 Wednesday 25 March 2009

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