cat \#deadenddef

hello, it's a beautiful lifeless boner, wrap
heckle... my namespace is _snail_churn_
hack shack return to lender crack
sappy sop bad snack,
snooper blagged, [crab apple]
blogged logged super clobber clod
sod sea-eye super shifted seagull flob
white late quite floating plot << [annoint]
subnormal territorial denormalization quantized quaintly
integer aunty juddered clattering clutter <dice shamanic cast>
gives us a nod, three-part eyed sod sintered snog
add me to your markets dress brook sprinkler small bacon villian
integer =VI= grrr ploys on cherry tory all sample-wrap
flint exploit shard raddish plughole flounder
finding founder farmer flap /*(i=0;;i++,^gra_man_a;*/
got a hobb yet lama dob? clog snatch bitter fettled grog
hamper sought toil fret debug $gdb quit dollar ^Z wire hill stomache rot
can tinker wit conquer cankered conked-out clan mess shrill clomper? 
flex it


"cat \#deadenddef"

Sumfing I &wrot

Journal entry - 01:53 Wednesday 8 April 2009

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