Mr Irrelevant

Mr Irrelevant went to the market and purchased some brushes for combing
his hair and sleeping pills to cure his stomach ache. Mr Irrelevant
bought toothpaste to ease his aching feet and a new battery for his
Desktop Computer. Mr Irrelevant went home to go to work. Mr Irrelevant
went to work and slept all day. Mr Irrelevant slept constantly on his
feet all day long and was very tired when he awoke.

Mr Irrelevant worked tirelessly on his computer while it was turned off.
Mr Irrelevant worked irrelevantly on his computer while it was turned
off. Mr Irrelevant ground an ax on his computer all day laying in bed
asleep on his feet.

Mr Irrelevant drove to his car and went home to work cycling on his
computer. Mr Irrelevant loved working in the City in his village from
home at work tirelessly cycling on his computer axes to multi-threaded

Mr Irrelevant's unlimited intelligence stacked the odds against him of
ever succeeding in his chosen field to grow upside-down, while cycling
to work at home on his portable desktopped computer. Mr Irrelevant
worked in the field on his computer pulling a plough and a sickel. Mr
Irrelevant ploughed the database into the earth where it sprouted wings
and sank a stairwell to Hades.

Mr Irrelevant's stomach was making him feel sick so he brushed his hair
with toothpaste and ate a comb-filter to ease his constipation.

Mr Irrelevant had an epiphany for lunch, now that his stomach had paved
the way to the sun reaching midday. Mr Irrelevant sat on the toilet
thinking, and eating burnt wholemeal toast and laughing out loud, LOL.

Mr Irrelevant spoke out loud - one at a time - to the committee, who had
only limited intelligence and were unable to listen all at the same
time. Mr Irrelevant turned the committee into toothpaste to ease his
stomache and sent them to Dave Jones who looked at them.

Mr Irrelevant had his suspicions that not everything was set in salad


"Mr Irrelevant"

A day in the life of Mr Irrelevant

Journal entry - 15:35 Monday 13 April 2009

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