Keep On Cycling and Remain Calm

This morning around the time I'd pick up my keys and walk out the door and get in my car and drive to work I failed to find my car keys. I looked around the house and in the shed and in Karly's car but could not find them.

I looked in the sitting room in the kitchen upstairs and the cupboard under the stairs but still could not find them. Karly woke up and got dressed and tried to find them.

I was getting ready to cycle to work but she said I would be even later if I did that, so she would take me. It didn't take much arguing on her part before she won me round on the idea.

I made a few last ditch efforts to find my keys while I was unlocking my bike in the shed ready to take to Karly's car. Still nothing. The bike is trickier to get in the back of a hatchback since attaching a pannier to it.

I clocked forty minutes late at twenty to seven in the morning just after locking my bike in the entrance to the factory.

Later on Karly txted me to say her Dad had found my keys but would be out when I called round. They would leave them in their greenhouse so I could collect them.

Someone at work commented on my bike only having a single chainwheel at the front. I said it was an experiment.

I needed to make a detour to collect my car keys so made a further detour to cycle past a small chalkpit the entrance of which is now blocked and following from that along the bridleway which runs alongside Manston airport.

The route took further detours to get some off-road cycling into the journey bumping the length up to 16 miles. I didn't come across any hills steep enough to pose a problem for me with only a 46 tooth chainwheel at the front. I did however come across one very overgrown bridleway closer to home, but was suprised at only a single instance of bindweed clogging up in the derailleur.

The journey was made on my 'commuter' bike - the Trek 3900 fitted with the drivetrain and hydraulic brakes from the Gary Fisher Marlin Disc. The parts were all upgrades and provided stiffer more responsive riding than the factory fitted components originally with the Trek.

However, I still have the factory fitted SunTour forks which the more I ride off-road with, the less impressed I am with. They clunk when lifting the front wheel up to land flat when riding off a curb for example.


"Keep On Cycling and Remain Calm"

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Journal entry - 18:37 Thursday 6 September 2012

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