Testing removal of duplicate keywords

Here are the keywords I have entered:

one, two, one, two, three, three, four, five, 2007, 2007, journal, hello, test, duplicate, removal

A quick look in the navigation link bar should confirm duplicates are dealt with, (they are not shown until you look at this entry independantly of the journal).

One thing I've not yet figured out about PHP

When PHP creates a file, as it does when this journal form is used, (you'll need to know about file ownership here) the group and owner are set as www-data. This requires root access to delete the file, or, for me to write some PHP to do so. When I login via SSH to the server that jwm-art.net is hosted on, there is absolutely no way I'll be granted superuser privileges (another way of saying root acess) to delete the file. Bummer.

Being the clever bugger I am though (& modest too "oh ha ha ha ha"), I shall implore my journal viewing code to delete any files in the journal-entry-review-location which are duplicated in the approved-entry location.



"Testing removal of duplicate keywords"

Another test for the journal submission PHP code

Journal entry - 01:06 Friday 22 June 2007

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