Breakfast at Morris's

I've just had my breakfast. Two rashers of fried bacon, two fried eggs, two slices of toast, and some baked beans, washed down of course with a mug of coffee.

One egg was on one slice of toast. The other slice of toast lay underneath the baked beans.

Another night where I stayed up until gone 3am and eventually decided I could not be bothered to go to bed only to get up after midday.

Slurps more coffee.

The weather is pretty crappy. Grey, most unlike the end of June. Windy too, and I want to go out on my bike today. It is due: another bike ride. It was Saturday the last time I went out. Met up with Kent Trails at Rough Common for a 3 hour, 22 mile off road ride.


"Breakfast at Morris's"

What I had for breakfast

Journal entry - 06:44 Tuesday 26 June 2007

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