Getting there...

The past couple of days have been quite productive. I have recoloured the CSS stylesheets, the text on the site no longer matches the link text, is less colour saturated and looks more like text should. Consequently links stationed within blocks of text are more link-like.

I also gave the old logo a quick redesign, it is infact because of this that I recoloured the text, and boxes/borders etc. I had previously decided to abandon the logo and show 1000 ft Above My Head, Somewhere but someone recently said they liked the logo so...

It gives the site more colour. I'd been aware that it was too monochrome and had unsucessfully tried to inject colour onto the pages.

Fixed up some stuff which I'd been wanting to do; things which should happen automagically, but up until this point had not concieved of the way. Bold page headings at the top of each page was one, but without page titles for 'artwork' pages, and some pages wanted slightly different headings to the page title (that which appears in the HTML HEAD tag and as link names etc). This was something which for the most part was to happen automatically, and only the exceptions would be specifiable.

I feel like I must be a reasonable programmer atleast to do this. The foundations I had already built, the mechanisms were already in place, just a handful of small clauses were needed and it was working.

It's satisfying when you've coded something and realise those things which you'd been thinking were not possible, can be simply slotted in without any grief, without any contradiction.

I don't know though, some might (if they could) look at it and think it was one big botch job :)

I also updated 100 Bricks so that you can choose either to re-arrange the current bricks, or, choose a random set of new bricks. No big deal, but this allows me to get the program to automatically put a link to 100 Bricks on every 'artwork' page which contains an image, so you can see what that image looks like cut into 100 bricks and randomly arranged. Pointless but I like it.

From the start of I had wanted to be able to form connections between the artworks and this is something which is really starting to take shape now.


"Getting there..."

Things done in the past few days...

Journal entry - 14:02 Thursday 28 June 2007

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