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The final thing was done to the journal today, begun last night. This was to make it so that when viewing a journal entry independantly from the journal (so the entry is alone on a single page), that upon visitation to journal link in navigation panel that the entry viewed is displayed in journal. So that makes sense, you go from viewing a journal entry, to the journal, without loosing your place.

To get this to work, i made the link in the nav bar to the journal always specify in the URL the current item to be viewed, but it only makes sense if you view journal entry.

so i make it conditional. if the parent of the page is journal then pass the name of the current item to the journal.

but of course,no bodge job 'ere. no, siry. no, the condition is specified in the file and uses PHP's eval function. being the safe-minded-scaredy-pants i am, i put in precautions in attempt to stop any naughtiness happening here, because there's lots those bad-bwoy-crackass-crackers can dee wi'd da PHP evil eval funkchon.

it treets ev'y'hing b'twixt the symbols (,!=,==,||,&&,),?,: as text, with one exception, and that is after textification, it translates '!' to FALSE - with big capital letters for importance.

There might be some other stuff i've done but can't remember it to bore you with. Sheeesh, yes i can...nope....yer..um.


"> test > done"

yet another journal entry about developments with the site/design/code before anybody can even read it

Journal entry - 03:11 Monday 2 July 2007

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