Upload very tempting

Just fifteen minutes ago I decided it was high time I just got on with it and uploaded the new site layout/design for jwm-art.net.

It has been quite well thoroughly tested by now. I'm nearly satisfied with it. There's a few minute tiny things like unescaped ampersands in the title tag (...) here and there, nothing to get upset about.

I've still got to re-create the contact submission PHP script to handle contact requests and for it to email me and a copy to the contactee.

Still not photographed the paintings I made last year and this year. They'll have to wait.

Have not included all the galleries previously on jwm-art.net. I've moved on a little...

And then there's the Drawing Board Project which still requires more documentation but I've lost all interest in doing that now.

The headache of ...

... handling requests for things that do not exist, or no longer exist, got that to do, and, what else, but handling access denied ohhh. This is something else to do before uploading.


"Upload very tempting"

Some notes before uploading the new site design/layout

Journal entry - 13:42 Monday 2 July 2007

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