Painting Backlog

These paintings have been sat around in storage for some time waiting to be photographed. One or two date back to 2004, some are more recent, and atleast one was made in 2007.

Still, this is not all the paintings waiting to be photographed. There are a number of canvases from 2006, and some larger paintings made recently, and some dating back to around 2004/2005.

Note: As all these paintings have been placed in the appropriate painting galleries by date, these links will open in new windows/tabs to ease navigating through the images presented here.


Blue Green Brown Black Abstract Structure
undated painting perhaps from 2004 or 2005.


Blue Green Paint Gun
quirky abstract painting from 2006


Blue Yellow Red Rock Symbols
Abstract landscape and blue rock like figuration with red symbols overlaid.


H Stripey Structure Landscape
Loosely painted landscape with stripey structure.


Pink Black Symbol Abstract Cad Orange
Graffiti like abstract painting on bright orange background with data symbols along right-hand side.


Red Abstract Structure Over Water Cream Sky
An abstract lump hovering over a watery landscape with yellowish bridge.


Red Purple Growth Structure
An odd painting with an abstract growth


Skeleton Runway Grey Brown Yellow
A landscape with a runway and a hovering skeletal form


"Painting Backlog"

A collection of paintings photographed from the past few years

Journal entry - 14:02 Saturday 11 August 2007

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