Painting Painting The Painter

I sometimes make paintings. I might not love them. Maybe I dislike them. Maybe I don't even care for what I paint. Maybe I do not respect my creativity.

Suppose then, hypothetically, recalling various... things... that... matter itself is consciousness. And suppose then, on that premise, that each of my paintings are conscious beings.

And finally, suppose that somehow, hypothetically atleast, my consciousness temporarily merges with the consciousness of a painting made by me.

So that creator and created experience for a few moments life as one with each other.

But due to the extraordinary nature of such an event, both get confused.

The creator suddenly experiences life as seen by a painting. A painting made by a creator who at his most negative, sees his paintings as a bit of a joke.

The creator then, will see his own world, and the life he lives as a human being on this earth amongst all these billions of people, and reality itself, as something of a two dimensional joke played on him.

The creator will see his world in which he lives as a creation by a creator not unlike himself; who at his most negative sees his creation as a bit of a joke. The creator will feel suddenly as if he has never had any control over his life, it has all been controlled by, as far as he can tell, malevolent forces existing in realms outside his proper sense of reality and ability to percieve.

The creator is unlikely to see the funny side of it, or realise what is happening.

But what happens to the painting? The painting suddenly sees life as not two dimensional, but three dimensional*. So the painting suddenly feels it has been conned out of a full existence. It will feel it has been imprisoned; trapped in a futile and pointless two dimensional existence.

The painting wants to escape. The painting is unlikely to realise what is happening.

Both are experiencing the other at the same time as themselves.


These are most dire circumstances indeed. What if somehow, again hypothetically (but even more so this time), the painting escapes and swaps existence with its creator?

The creator is trapped inside his own painting!!

The painting now existing in the body of the creator, can then paint the painting!!!

Oh my!!! It Can't Be True!!!! CAN IT!?!?!?!?!?!?

How to resolve? How to resolve?

*I've not quite yet figured where the dimension of time sits in this context.


"Painting Painting The Painter"

Short text about the confusion of a painting painting the painter

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