wcnt development continues...

Development of my wcnt - Wav Composer Not Toilet is still underway. When I resumed developing wcnt around November last year, I had only planned to add a couple of new features, but instead its development has demanded full precedence of my creative faculties.

At the moment, I am mainly debugging it after re-implimenting one of the central data storage structures within the program as a C++ template class.

As my program is never going to be widely used, I am the main user, I am the only user of my program who gives feedback about the way it works and which features are missing. And as I really do use the program I feel I'm in quite a strong position to say that the new features coming up in the next release will really make it just that little bit more usefull and perhaps attract users to it. The latter of course could just be dellusion ;-)

Some of the new upcoming features:

snapshot_mode is a new parameter for the wavfile_out module which adds the date and time to the name of the audio file being created. This is a really useful feature as generated sounds need no longer be overwritten after you've made modifications to a .wc file.

fader is a new module which fades in and fades out a sound. Primarily intended for the generation of unsequenced sounds, it is far easier to use than an adsr for this purpose.

These next modules allow a basic form of polyphony (but don't confuse that with polyphonic sequencing which it is not).

trig_counter counts the number of times it's input is triggered and outputs the current count.

trig_router creates count wcnt_trigger modules and routes the input trigger to one of them at a time, depending on the value coming in through it's in_count input (for example from the trig_counter).

trig_echo works in a similiar fashion to the trig_counter but echos the input trigger.

group_control is a new module which controls when a group of modules are processed - ie if the output from the group is inaudible there is no need to process them.

There are other new features too, but I can't recall them at present.


"wcnt development continues..."

A Post about the continuing development of my audio program

Journal entry - 15:09 Saturday 26 January 2008

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