Still coding...

Since the previous journal entry, I have actually uploaded the new code and it produces these pages you see right now.

The comment form has not been working correctly, the location of the correct security number got jumbled up with other numbers which were supposed to be HTML comments.

Anyway it's all working fairly sweet, enough, ish, but I've decided to rip it all apart and work things slightly differently, but to the same end.

Had a slight setback with it Thursday, deleted roughly a weeks worth of coding. Deleted in Linux from the command line, ie, no undelete command to just quickly grab them back because I'm using the ext3 filesystem for which the standard response is 'you can't undelete files'.

Luckily a program called ext3grep exists and I roughly followed the instructions and several hours later after various problems (such as recovering the entire partition into a partition a 5th of the size) I had my code back...

It's gonna take some time before I get the new code up, which I'm planning on releasing as Open-Source, under the name JWM-CMS or something. Which is what the re-coding and re-structuring of the code is mainly about, making it more worthy of release. Making it easier (hopefully) for other people to use on other websites and to create a different look but with the same functionality.

I'm unsure of the reasons why people might want to use it, but if they're not bother by bells and whistles and like working with text files to describe pages in a not too unreasonable format, then maybe...


"Still coding..."

Brief news about what I'm doing with the code for this website...

Journal entry - 13:28 Saturday 8 November 2008

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# James W. Morris on 13:32 Saturday 8 November 2008:

Just checking the comment submission actually works... Why do I need to check? Because nobody else makes comments on my website :-( It's not worthy :-( Poor me :-(

Maybe it's a good thing it does not attract idiots :-)

# james morris on 23:31 Saturday 20 June 2009:

Seven months later and I'm testing the comments once again...

# james on 11:57 Sunday 21 June 2009:

for some reason, a '1' character mysteriously appeared as the first character in my comment above which i had to manually delete after posting the comment.

# James Morris on 21:30 Monday 23 February 2015:

Well, James, I'm glad to see the comments on your site are still being made by you alone. Ha ha.

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