XorGramana pre-ALPHA

After the 0.0.6b release of XorCurses I began working on larger icons for XorCurses which would also allow each character in the icon to have its own colour pair.

After spending quite some time writing a program to create these icons I decided there was little to be gained for the game other than extra complexity in the code (and the existing icons did not match stylistically with the new larger icons) but more decisively, it no longer held my interest enough as a programmer to carry it to completion.

So after some thought I decided to try something new again. I had used XorCurses to learn how to use the NCurses library, and this time decided I would use the new game to learn how to use the graphical libsdl library and have proper graphics.

I was not interested creating a graphical version of Xor from the XorCurses code. I wanted to use my XorCurses code - the basic game play of Xor, to create a new game. After running through some ideas in my mind, I wondered if it would be possible to loosely combine the game play of Xor with anagram solving. Instead of moving objects around, the objects become letters in the alphabet.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, and to skip the problems I faced learning SDL and incorporating that into the XorCurses code at the same time as creating the graphics for it and modifying the XorCurses code to enable a greater variety of objects...

Here is some demo code to give a rough idea of what it looks like so far:


You'll need the development files for SDL and SDL_image to build the game. Unpack the archive and cd into the directory and type make to build. ./xorgramana to run.


"XorGramana pre-ALPHA"

Demo of what XorGramana might look like

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