can ban do man not

kanban do man can do that 2
dot cut pulse rhythm blit flit
blit flit pulsing ambiently stroking jojo's do
but i don't have no vocab full a poncy words like
like words i don't don't 'ave.

'tis phut my languishing language not in moose,
mouse ark splatt rumbling blit flit jittering shop,
drop cobbles down blit flit split no vocab full a poncy nerds like
like the nerds i don't don't don't know or socialize wiv.
lies on the forna, floored.

tits up bad tis it
inversed in verse sn sn nacho
quaint trip tock-tick toxic glob

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"can ban do man not"

A Poem written when I got up this morning.

Journal entry - 16:29 Wednesday 18 March 2009

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