Visions Stipulate Value Shed

This is a short text I wrote on the 26th October 2012 and posted online. It is written by adhering to a process: firstly, a group of sentences were written using only words beginning with V. Secondly, after each word beginning with V, add a word beginning with S. The text was written on my mobile phone during idle cycle time while at work (roughly 15 seconds idle time per minute).

Valueless silence void shimmering version shared

Versed solitude visually salient

Vapidly sheering veering serated voicelessness stopped

Vanquished stutter vast sequinned vista shank

Valed slalom verbiage sale

Violent sultry ventrilloquist splint  vat seepage

Vertical scraping vanguard slapping vellum scrote

Vehement shopaholic vegan strangling vortex scraping video swindle

Valiently squashed virtuous slave violin spanking vacuum scare

Vanishing stamp van screamed vent soilder


"Visions Stipulate Value Shed"

Short text using only words beginning with V then S.

Journal entry - 16:37 Friday 16 November 2012

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