April Sun

Started constructing a extension to the rabbit house today. A rabbit run, for the rabbits to run in, while we are not around to keep an eye on them.

I've built a frame 160x75x75cm which butts up against their existing home. Tomorrow I will build a lid, and the next day maybe attach the wire mesh to prevent their escape. They are domesticated rabbits unlike those frequently seen on the ground shown is these photographs. The domesticated rabbits and I live in coastal town. This is a rural village.

Rocker arm bearings     19m
  small: 626-2RS    -   M6
  large: 608-2RS    -   M8

seat stay bearings  | (QR end)
          19mm dia  |
        698 - 2ZZ   +   M8
____________   ||   |
6 | single row ||   2RS
  |            ||   double sealed
  |             |   (rubber sealed)
  |              Z2
6 |2/0/9/         double shielded
   | | |
   +-+-+- light
     | |
     +-+- extra light
       +- very thin section

626 x2
608 x2
698 x4
626|626 LLB - ABEC 3
    EB8061  £3.19
608 LLB - ABEC 3
    EB8068  £1.59
698 LLB - ABEC 3
    EB8066  £2.89

MRSP £21.12


"April Sun"

five photographs of april sun within rural village, text describing rabbit run construction, ascii representation of notes about bearings written in sketchbook.

Journal entry - 22:38 Sunday 13 April 2014

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# James Morris on 12:51 Friday 18 April 2014:

Now the pair of male rabbits have a little more space to move around in (though still not enough to actually run) they seem to have become extremely randy. The blighters are at it all day, non stop, trying to shag each other. From behind, above, the side, heads, shoulders, anything, the dirty bastards. They try to hold onto the each other with their mouths to prevent the other escaping. One of them seems to thump on the floor of the house now as well. They try to shag each other at the same time as if a competition to get in their first. I built the run so they'd have a little more space but it seems to have made them more frustrated! Its bigger and more open than their house alone, but not big enough.

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