a great urge to spout nonsense

i embracingly cloud a great urge to announce a spout of nonsense to ye
of lichen faced fuck witicism. friend or foe i denounce all your lice
in turds of wheel, french like accordian swiss roll, chocolate or the
peninsula, haxor on the interim of jellyfish bubblebath.

bubbly bathy like swathes of newtonian guinea pigs feasting on
firefighters. crack hip and nip, pop, swipe, and swine hurdled swindles
in swansea or fever pitch knuckled like uncle richard
fox-caspar-git-commit-m, it doesn't really matter with the witches of
perfume freshened air inhabitations.

the urge fulfilled now. there's nowhere else to go. just carry on
writing disconnected sentences of limb fried cos lettuce, mixed with
old lead pipe and tap fittings the colour of corroded copper. what a
picture for the minds eye. 

limbaud? rim baud rate? limp bored like a crash test hedge hog brittle
fish lady borg. encapsulate encrusted methods, jittery data particles,
part e-coli, part discarded apple core. a mix of the two and three,
rotated, enchanted by duodecimal cliches in maxi-scope telemetries (of
course it would be telemetries - telemetries of thought thought once or
twice before).

now for the really clever bit, the twist in the capsicum of nettle
rash flossed eye lids, twisted eyelids yanked out with pliars, eyes
sockets filled with squirrel feces mixed with chopped ferret scrotums,
steamed over an open fire like in the good old days. head crashed in
with pillow cases filled with broken circuit boards. pumpkins filled
with i-pods and i-pads, and cracked tablet touch screens wrenched from
the hands of infantile but placid non-newtonian fluids gurgling the
effects of metastasis.

the never clever bit really arrived, compare it with flash roasted
eyelids turned inwards, complain like a swordfish in the last days of
eden, poaching rabbit hunters, it could be interminable.


"a great urge to spout nonsense"

more urge to write acted upon

Journal entry - 22:08 Thursday 12 June 2014

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