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March 2008

This is a project I began a week or two ago while dismantling and fitting new parts to my mountain bike. The project is to explore a number of my interests such as cross country mountain biking (XC), digital art - sound and image, and coding.

The project aims to explore my connections with the space where I not only make paintings, but also store my mountain bike and routinely maintain it - a garage with studio combined. A very untidy place right now...

Anyhow, to view the project, follow the link Zen and the New Media Art of Bicycle Mechanics.

mountain bike zen and the new media art of fitting new parts

update to "Zen and the New Media Art of Bicycle Mechanics"
date:10th March 2008


1) Main project page:
    * outlines project aims, areas of interest, and
    * provides links to works created thus far.

2) new_chainset.jpg:
    * progressive scan JPEG image 268kb
    * textural rendering of the new chainset fitted.

3) bb_install_notes.mp3
    * MP3 audio file 128kbs 44.1hz 1.9mb 01:58 mm:ss
    * recording of a fitting instructions reading spoken through
      long metal tube mixed with wind chimes made from an old
      and dismantled SRAM PG970 rear cassette.

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