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January 2013

00:58 Saturday 12 January 2013

Fluxbox Conky Orb and Sister Wendy

A program I was using a lot the other week kept crashing. I eventually figured out that a delete operation performed by the program was eating up memory until the Linux kernel killed it. I needed a way of keeping my eye on how much memory was in use at any give time.

The Linux desktop is very flexible. Where there's a will, there's a way so to speak. I wanted a thin strip across the top of my screen to show how much memory was in use. There's a nice command line utility called htop which displays system processes and memory usage in colour in a terminal. I could get my startup script to launch a terminal running htop. The startup script would give an unique name to the window so the window manager could identify it, remove window decoration, layer it low in the z-plane, and give it a specific size so only the memory and cpu usage would show.

It was a simple adhoc solution which wasn't particularly satisfying in practice. Luckily, it could be improved upon using a program developed specifically for that kind of thing: Conky. I'd tried it before but my usage of it never took off.

So in the end, memory usage became something of a minor role. In addition is hard drive partition usage, equally as useful. A few other bits and pieces, but nothing too OTT. Then I got carried away and decided I would need to see kernel messages easily. You know like when I plug in a USB stick or gain super user privaleges or something bad happens.

Anyway, gotta stop gibbering away about it. I used a Lua script in Conky to generate bargraphs coded by wlourf and modified it to my needs. There's a big download link below to my configuration. If you don't know what to do with it you'll have to do your own research.

Download:  conky_jwm_art_net.tar.gz

I still haven't got around to watching the Sister Wendy documentary.

22:11 Saturday 5 January 2013

Space Frog

I'm sat in a chair, I'm a space frog. I've been on a space trip somewhere and have come back altered. I've lost my human form and am now a humanoid frog. Bright green with orange patterning. My voice is all croaky. I'm unconcerned by the change.

I watched Doctor Who earlier. Some kind of genetic thing, bacterial or fungal in form, shaped like a virus but too large, falling like snow down onto golden fields of wheat. A flying insect is attaching one of these things just beneath my lower lip. It can't be lifted off, barbs fix it firmly through skin, into my flesh.

Off the insect flies. I'm woken by a slamming door. Can't determine if I dreamt it or not.

21:51 Saturday 5 January 2013

dec12 (discontent)

Footage of a MTB ride around Fowlmead in July'12 mixed in with a screencast of an Ardour2 session providing the sounds. Composition of audio track began in December 2012. Xephyr and Xrandr commands were used to display a rotated Ardour2 while Conky displays system information in the normal orientation. Edited in Openshot.

21:44 Saturday 5 January 2013

Video: nov12oddball

Video I made to accompany a digital audio/beat composition/track I also made. I'm reluctant to call it music but it's more that than unadulterated noise. The audio composition began in November 2012, was dropped and then picked up again in December. The video is based on a screencast of my PC desktop in which the ffplay command is playing a video of myself walking down an alleyway.



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