Larger Drawings 2006

This series of seven drawings I purposely made larger than my sketchbook drawings. Although using the same techniques and processes as occurs in my sketchbooks, I wanted these to be more like 'finished' drawings, to put more work into them.


Drawing (06) #1
A drawing of a emergent lump of forms clustered in a landscape.


Drawing (06) #2
A drawing of a organic-like forms in an otherwise featureless landscape.


Drawing (06) #3
A drawing of a bizzare creature-like forms.


Drawing (06) #4
A drawing of a bizzare creature-like forms and hints of industrial abound the vast landscape.


Drawing (06) #5
A drawing of stone-like forms.


Drawing (06) #6
A drawing of almost-familiar forms infront of an embankment under a blue sky.


Drawing (06) #7
A drawing of some kind of organic technological entity(s).


"Larger Drawings 2006"

Larger drawings made in 2006

The increase in scale of these drawings, although not enourmous, enabled and required more time to be spent upon them.

Atleast one of the drawings (probably what really was the second drawing) has been ommitted.

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