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Marianne Holm Hansen works across media; writing, drawing, photography, video and new media. In 2011 she published 100 Things Not Worth Repeating (via LemonMelon) in which appears two texts I wrote.

Steve Or Steven Read is a content artist with a DIY approach to producing software, painting, photography, music, poetry, and anything else he can weave in, including the refrigerator. He currently lives on the internet.

Pablo Luis Gonzalez's personal site shows works of painting, photography, poetry, prose, and writing.

Dee Rimbaud author, poet, and painter.

Stefan Pasquini an Italian artist who works with a wide variety of media. He's currently producing a series of podcasts (explicit language used), one of which contains a snippet of some sound I created. Good stuff.

Ubermorgen is a group of artists in Vienna, Austria, founded in 1999 by Hans Bernhard (founder of etoy) and Lizvlx. Ubermorgen focuses on exploring contemporary legal issues, especially those of security, privacy and copyright.

Art Sites

Furtherfield.org is an independent net art collective, exploring new creative territories that straddle between the virtual and the real. They believe that through creative and critical engagement with practices in art and technology people are inspired and enabled to become active co-creators of their cultures and societies.

Digital Consciousness is a very large artist index containing thousands of entries from contempory artists around the world.

Painters Keys Community features images, discussion, and a twice-weekly newsletter covering a broad range of painterly and creative issues for artists.

Spectrum Oil Colours are a manufacturer of quality acrylic and oil paints, respected by artists globally. Generous discounts for students and/or bulk orders.

123artist.com is a web directory of artists within the creative industries.

artcornwall is an online journal for art, artists and galleries, compiled and edited in Cornwall, UK. My The CSSNAKETRIX net art work is listed on artcornwall's webprojects page. Where other interesting net artworks can be found - well worth a look.

Linux Audio Musicians : Annual Mix is an attempt to showcase a best selection of the state of the art of music production by people committed to using the Linux Audio Platform for their work. It's is also a good overview of the progress being made in understanding the tools and the musicianship of the people who contribute to the Linux Audio community.


Kent Linux User Group (KLUG) are a group of like minded linux, open source and computer enthusiasts . We meet once a month at one of a number of locations throughout Kent. At each meet we try to have a couple of organised talks, a general show and tell session as well as general chat and coffee.

Digital Canterbury is a monthly meet-up for people excited about the future. We'll be hacking, having interesting people talk about fascinating stuff and generally geeking out on all things digital and futurological.

Creative Canterbury is about getting the most out of and participating in the cultural life of the district. From city to coast, coast to countryside, whether you like grand events or intimate happenings, there is something for everyone.

Web Directories

Splut a free UK based web directory.

Directory World - A categorised directory offering free and paid website submissions.


http://www.danceswithferrets.org Has some useful information about the Xor game.

Fractal Forums - The possibilities are infinite!

Free DNS - Afraid.org - Paid & No-Charge Domain Hosting & DNS Hosting Services.


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