A Perfect Age for TRT — When a Man Should Start Hormone Therapy?

Hormone therapy is a treatment for gender dysphoria. It consists of hormone replacement therapy and also cross-sex hormones. The purpose of taking extra hormones is to make the person’s body as close as possible in appearance and function to the sex they identify with.

Hormones can be injected, taken orally, or implanted under the skin. Have you ever wondered what age is the perfect time for a man to start hormone therapy? If yes, then you can pay attention to the below details, as here you will get to know about the exact age when you can start hormone therapy. 

Perfect Age for TRT –

Well, it turns out that the ideal time for a man to start testosterone cypionate for sale is between the ages of 40-50. So, a man who starts TRT at 50 will be on hormones for four decades. That’s quite an accomplishment. 

The age at which a man should start TRT depends significantly on what he is trying to accomplish with his treatment. For example, if he wants to remove his beard, he should start hormone therapy before he is 40. However, if the goal is sex-reassignment surgery, he must start hormone treatment well before 40.

How Much Hormone Therapy Should a Man Start?

A man who wishes to have a beard removal or facial hair transplant will likely start with a shallow dose of hormones. First, he will have to learn how to use the needles. Then, he will take one or two low doses of hormones each week until the beard or hair becomes softer and thinner. Once he has gotten the desired softness, he can increase his dose and start getting results faster. In addition, to provoke more aromatization (but under the doctors control), you can add dbol for sale.

He might start with 1-2mg of estrogen for a beard transplant. It is a minimal dose compared to what is used in a transgender woman’s treatment. However, a transgender woman should not exceed 4-5mg of estrogen because that is the riskiest dose. If not controlled well, that dose can cause breast cancer to develop, kidney and liver problems, and even heart failure.

After the bone density test, he should be further advised about how much testosterone to take in his first treatment cycle. After that, he will start at a low dose with testosterone therapy and gradually increase it over a few months. The best approach would be to add anavar for sale twice a year for 3 months to elevate your androgenic effects of testosterone.

The testosterone dosage will depend on his age and general health condition. For example, a healthy male in his middle age may start at 1 mg of testosterone daily. However, a man over the age of 70 will likely be started at 0.5mg daily. Next, he will slowly increase the testosterone he takes each day until he reaches the desired activity level.

A transgender woman can start with as low as 2mg of estrogen and increase it up to 20mg every week or so over time. However, she must stop using anything related to estrogen when she starts taking testosterone.  


You can learn about the perfect age for TRT therapy from the above details. Try to consider the details well so that you can significantly impact knowledge about your query.

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